GCF-VCP – Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM)

What is GRM?

  • It is a tool compromising of transparent procedures and processes to assist and guide decision makers in resolving public complaints/concerns pertaining to intervention/activities implemented under the GCF-VCP.


  • To mediate and resolve possible complaints relating to project implementation through proper channels in a timely manner.
  • To record each single complaint received and monitors the progress throughout the resolution process.
  • To ensure that affected parties have access to fair resolution of their concern(s), understand the causes and have dialogue with accused culprit(s).
  • To enable project implementers to resolve complaint issues through mediation and outside of judiciary system.

GRM Scope

EnvironmentalPollution, sedimentation, contamination, erosion, deforestation, solid waste, wastewater, runoff, spillage etcConstruction related works
Social-economicAmenity issues, land dispute, social norms, resource constrain, community values, accessConstruction related works
Others Corruption, fraudulentPoor Decision Making

GRM Process

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