E a Ulu tafega, ae selefutia ai Vaisigano

When the brook Ulu floods at the top, the Vaisigano river downstream will sustain the damage

The Samoan proverb in the story title derives directly from the Vaisigano, the largest river on the island of Upolu, and considered as one of the main rivers in Samoa due to its length and reach.

The Vaisigano River empties out into the sea in the capital, Apia. Some legends have it, that along the way, the Vaisigano River is joined by the mountain brook, Ulu, just above the village of Magiagi, to the south of Apia. The latter is usually dry, but after heavy rains, it turns into a raging torrent and its waters often damage the banks of the Vaisigano floodplain downstream.

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