Cash for Work  Programme — Beyond Money

How the GCF Vaisigano Catchment Project in Samoa is giving people more than just wasges

Under the GCF-VCP with the overall management and coordination by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the objective of Activity 2.2 focused on reducing run-off during extreme events along the river banks and especially in the upstream catchment areas. Ensuring that key areas remain under conservation and continue to provide optimal ecosystem functions, as well as opportunities for land-based livelihoods, that are crucial in reducing vulnerability and/or enhancing adaptive capacity of communities living in the catchment.
This objective will notably be achieved by scaling up activities that have been proven to be effective in supporting climate resilient livelihood options in the Vaisigano River Catchment with a strong focus on gender considerations and other vulnerable groups residing in the catchment. In addition to a number of soft measures adopted by the project, the provision of a CfW option for flood-related catchment rehabilitation (anti-erosive measures, landscaping options) was recommended and it provide a source for potential labourers from vulnerable groups to gain income.

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