Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment: Apia Community Natural Channelisation Project

Memorandum of Agreement Signing and Handover of Tools and Equipment
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The Government of Samoa’s Project on Integrated Flood Management to Enhance Climate Resilience of the Vaisigano River Catchment in Samoa, referred to as the Vaisigano Catchment Project (VCP) funded by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) is a 6 year project which started in 2017 and is designed to strengthen the adaptive capacity and reduce exposure to climate risks of vulnerable communities, infrastructure and the built environment in the Vaisigano Catchment area (the river that flows through the Apia Urban Area).

One of the activities for the GCF-VCP under Output 2, Activity 2.1.4 aims at engaging the Apia Taulele’a under the auspices of the Apia Village Council of Chiefs, to carry out the weekly clearance of water ways from excessive sedimentation and water lilies. This engagement includes, support of tools and equipment have been officially handed over today for field works undertaken by the Apia village community. This is to ensure that the natural water ways are safely and effectively cleared, to minimise impacts and improve water drainage as well as ecosystem services.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Apia village signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as part of their collaboration in implementing a community-led Green Works in improving the channelization of natural drainages in the lower Vaisigano floodplain. The GCF-VCP aims to improve the channelization of the natural waterways/streams in the lower Vaisigano floodplain, to accommodate increased water flow, thus decreasing flood risks to the communities, livelihoods and infrastructure. It’s goal is in line with the GCF-VCP Output 2 : Key Infrastructure in the Vaisigano River are Flood-proofed to Increase Resilience to Negative Effects of Excessive Water.

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