Land Transport Authority Leads Consultations with Families & Communities within the Lelata Bridge Area

Engaging communities within the Lelata Bridge Area regarding the design and plan for replacement of the Lelata Bridge
LTA leads consultations with families communities Lelata Bridge
Present residents of Lelata at the consultation regarding the proposed design and plan for the new Lelata Bridge.

The GCF-VCP encourages and supports continuous engagement and consultations with communities and families, specifically owners of 27 neighbouring properties located within the 150m vicinity of the Lelata Bridge. These families have been pre-identified as most affected stakeholders of the Lelata Bridge Replacement works. The purpose of the consultation is to provide an update on the GCF-VCP, design and plan for the new Lelata Bridge as well as the anticipated environment and social impacts during and post construction of the bridge.

This consultation gives the most affected stakeholders, those living closet to the bridge, the opportunity to become part of the design process encouraging their input at an early stage to ensure their concerns and issues are adequately addressed prior to tendering and construction commencing.

LTA leads consultations with families communities Lelata Bridge
Malama.J.Siamomua (OSM Environmental Safeguard) conducting her presentation.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is the lead implementing Agency (IA) for the GCF-VCP Activity 2.3 under Output 2 which includes the review of the Lelata Bridge design as well as the supervision and construction of the upgraded bridge.

LTA was supported by the consultant, Beca International Ltd and its local partner OSM Consultants as well as the collaborating partners: the Ministry of Women Community and Social Development (MWCSD), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE), Ministry of Works Transport and Infrastructure (MWTI) and GCF Project Management Unit (GCF-PMU) during the community consultations on 22nd and 23rd October 2019.

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