Community Leaders Show Support for GCF Vaisigano Project

Community leaders from the villages covered under the Green Climate Fund Vaisigano Catchment Project (GCF-VCP) came out in full force today to show their support of the project, at a consultation led by the Ministry of Finance via the GCF-VCP Project Management Unit, PMU.

Held at the Tooa Hall at Sogi, the meeting heard from village leaders about how thankful they are for this project, as well as questions they had about the project, particularly regarding the Call for Proposals that has now gone out as one of the key activities under this project.

The GCF-VCP is a 5-year project with funding of $65.7 million US dollars by the GCF and the
Government of Samoa, supported by UNDP, which aims at strengthening target communities’ capacity to adapt, build resilience and reduce exposure to flooding brought about by the impacts of climate change.

An overview of the GCF-VCP outcomes, outputs and key activities being implemented was provided, as well as progress to date, to keep the communities well informed of where their support is needed to ensure the project is successfully implemented within the set timeframe.

Representatives of the government in the villages, representatives of the villages, as well as vulnerable groups including women’s groups, people with disabilities, and the youth, were invited to be part of this consultation.

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